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Leichtmetall Aluminium Gießerei Hannover GmbH

The medium-sized foundry produces hard aluminium alloy extrusion billets for the aerospace industry. Norsk Hydro ASA sold off the business unit in April 2014. A 100% stake in the Lower Saxony production site was sold to Quantum Capital Partners in a carve-out.

The new investors recognised the opportunities for the former Hydro Aluminium Gießerei Hannover GmbH. A sound financial structure, strong customer relations and expanded capacity offered great growth potential.


Situation before the takeover

The foundry was already specialised in the production of hard aluminium alloys when it was acquired by Norsk Hydro. However, this focus eventually no longer fitted with the business model of the parent company. Due to decreasing sales as well as belonging no longer to the shareholder's core business, Norsk Hydro ultimately opted for a carve-out.

  • Sales in 2012: EUR 29.1m / Sales in 2013: EUR 27.1m
  • Gross profit in 2012: EUR 8.1m / 2013: EUR 7.8m

Solution: measures after the takeover

After the takeover, QCP’s strategic focus was on transforming the former production site into an autonomous company and on establishing a strong and sustainable market position. The holding implemented the following measures:

  • Independent company created with all support roles
  • Restructuring
  • Rebranding
  • International sales team created and existing sales and marketing structures strengthened
  • Maintenance and consolidation of customer relations
  • Diversification of the customer base
  • Investment in a new homogenising furnace to double capacity


Former production site to autonomous company in the first year after takeover

Greater capacity. More orders.

Leichtmetall increased production volume to supply new customers with premium billets as well as meeting existing commitments. In 2013, the foundry produced around 12,000 tonnes of aluminium products. Following the purchase of a new annealing furnace, Leichtmetall now produces nearly 30,000 tonnes annually.

Leichtmetall also reuses shavings, turnings and factory scrap in the production process. This continuous recycling leads to reduced purchasing costs, and the company can also supply its customers with bars and pigs from secondary materials.

Long-standing clients and a new customer base

Throughout its nearly 90-year history, the plant has always had extremely close business relations with Alcoa Extrusions Hannover GmbH & Co. KG. The two companies have been neighbours since the site in Göttinger Chaussee opened in 1935. Until 1997, they also belonged to the same parent company, VAW Aluminium AG.


Expansion of customer base for a reliable order pipeline

On the basis of this strong partnership, Leichtmetall has materially expanded its customer base – with great success. The foundry is now an approved bar supplier for international companies including Bosch, Boeing and Airbus Industries.

Current situation

The measures outlined above have already established Leichtmetall as a strong independent company. In the light of successful market positioning, QCP is expecting growth to continue.

  • Sales in 2014: EUR 32.3m / 2015: EUR 36.9m
  • Gross profit in 2014: EUR 9.3m / 2015: EUR 10.7m

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