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Aerocast SAS

Aerocast is a leading aluminium casting company to the aerospace & defence industry with more than 40 years of history. The company is specialized in the so-called lost-wax or investment casting technology. The product portfolio comprises various structural parts for the application in civil and military aircrafts and helicopters such as passenger doors, turbine parts and fuel connector systems. The customer base consists of renown OEMs und Tier-1 suppliers from the aerospace industry. Aerocast is headquartered in Montierchaume, France and has around 100 employees.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Aerospace Supplier
  • Seller: Consolidated Precision Products Corp.
  • Products: Casted structural aluminium components
  • Head office: Montierchaume, France
  • Employees: Approx. 100
  • Sales: EUR 8m (2020)

Aviatube SAS

As one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminium tubing in Europe, Aviatube supplies the aerospace industry as well as the sports and leisure industry. The French company's broad customer base reaches from international blue chips such as Airbus or KTM to the manufacturers of individual components such as SECAN.

In order to do justice to the wide variety of areas of applications of aluminium tubes, such as aircraft seats, heat exchangers or motorcycle handlebars, Aviatube offers a diversified portfolio of tailor-made product solutions. Major application area is the aeronautics industry, which is characterized by a high demand for tubing made from high strength aluminium alloys. From processing round light metal ingots into precise aluminium tubes through to delivery, the company’s highly skilled engineers and technicians take into account the customer’s specifications in every stage of production.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Aluminium
  • Seller: Constellium Group
  • Products: Aluminium tubing
  • Head office: Carquefou (France)
  • Employees: 143
  • Sales: EUR 15m (2017)

Carrera Toys GmbH

Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb GmbH (SMV) is an international manufacturer and distributor of toys. With its renowned Carrera brand, SMV is the market leader and epitome for slot race cars world-wide. The Carrera brand is known for true to the original and high-quality products, meeting cutting-edge technology standards. Furthermore, SMV develops and distributes various radio-controlled vehicles (cars, aircrafts, drones, boats, etc.) under the Carrera RC brand.

The SMV brand portfolio further includes renowned German toy brands Pustefix, which is famous for soap bubbles, as well as the doll manufacturer Schildkröt. The company is headquartered in Puch, Austria, and operates own branches in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Hong Kong and the USA. Additionally, SMV operates two production facilities in Germany where production for the Pustefix and Schildkröt brands is located.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Toys
  • Seller: Familie Stadlbauer
  • Products: Radio-controlled toys, soap bubbles, dolls
  • Head office: Puch, Austria
  • Employees: c. 250
  • Sales: EUR 80m (2018)

Fjord Paper Flensburg

The Flensburg operation consists of one paper machine and two coating lines with a total annual capacity of 35,000 tons. It produces coated specialty papers with focus on thermal and barrier papers and sells globally to a broad customer base. With a company history spanning more than 300 years, the Flensburg mill is known today for its strong technological know-how and an innovation-driven and loyal workforce. Its paper is valued for its unique product specifications and is used for various applications such as event tickets, lotteries, labels, food tags, cash receipts, food packaging and more. The workforce of more than 200 employees will be fully retained under the new ownership.

Key Facts:

  • Sector: Paper and packaging
  • Seller: Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe
  • Products: Specialty papers (thermal and barrier papers)
  • Head office: Flensburg (Germany)
  • Employees: approx. 200
  • Sales: EUR 76m

Gianetti FAD Wheels Srl

FAD Wheels S.r.l. (former GKN Carpenedolo SpA) can draw back on over 65 years of experience in developing and manufacturing steel wheels for the agriculture, fork lift and construction industry. With its strategic location in Carpenedolo, near Brescia in Northern Italy, the company has excellent transport links to its customers who are mainly located in Western Europe. The efficient and automated manufacturing facility with over 35,000 sqm in production space enables a maximum production capacity of approximately 1 million units per year. The company supplies a broad range of high-quality wheels ranging from 8 to 34 inches in diameter.

In order to constantly meet the customers' requirements, FAD Wheels works in close partnership with the leading European OEMs as well as international and local wholesalers. The extensive engineering, the outstanding technical expertise as well as R&D capabilities ensures that FAD Wheels' products meet the customer demand for bigger machines, higher payloads as well as faster vehicles.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Agriculture & industrial supplier
  • Seller: GKN PLC
  • Products: Steel wheels for agriculture, forklift and construction vehicles
  • Head office: Carpenedolo (Italy)
  • Employees: 207
  • Sales: EUR 40m

Indraero Siren SAS

Indraero Siren is a French manufacturer of complex structural components and sheet metal parts for commercial aircrafts and helicopters such as thrust reversers, tail cones, wind leading edges and many others. The core business of Indraero Siren is based on forming metals such as titanium, steel, stainless steel or aluminum to obtain complex shapes, whose elaboration and production require great technology mastery.

Primary components are made from various forming technologies such as sheet metal forming, precision forming as well as stretching, bending and stamping. In addition, the company provides simple and complex assemblies including riveting, fastening, welding and metal-metal bonding. Key customers are leading aerospace OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers such as Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Safran, Sabca and Embraer. Indraero Siren operates production sites in Argenton sur Creuse and Déols, France, and in Casablanca, Morocco, with a total workforce of approx. 700 employees.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Aerospace Supplier
  • Seller: LISI Aerospace
  • Products: Structural components and sheet metal parts
  • Head office: Argenton sur Creuse, France
  • Employees: Approx. 700
  • Sales: EUR 61m (2018)

Leichtmetall Aluminium GmbH

The core business of the Hanover-based foundry is hard aluminium alloys for the aerospace industry. A number of ISO certificates are testimony to the quality of and environmental standards met by Leichtmetall products. Rigid internal testing procedures ensure the consistently high quality of the aluminium bars, and Leichtmetall also recycles manufacturing waste and factory scrap – a low-energy use of raw materials. An intelligent production process, 90 years' experience and an expert team are behind Leichtmetall's current success.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Aluminium
  • Seller: Norsk Hydro ASA
  • Products: Hard aluminium alloy extrusion billets
  • Head office: Hanover
  • Employees: ca. 46
  • Sales: EUR 44m (2017)


Mürdter Group

The Mürdter Group, headquartered in Mutlangen, Germany, is a leading automotive supplier of plastic injection molding components with sophisticated geometries, including complex assembly, gluing and welding processes. The Company’s product range contains surface parts as well as structural/functional parts for its long-standing blue-chip OEM and tier-1 customer base. Furthermore, the Company maintains its own tool making facilities, designing and manufacturing tools for both internal injection molding and external customers. The Mürdter plastic molding and equipment tooling businesses operate through four sites in Germany and Czech Republic. The Company currently employs a total workforce of c. 585 employees. Combined with Xandor Automotive’s Plastics division (previously active in the market as Rosti Automotive, acquired by Quantum in January 2020) Xandor Mürdter will offer its customers a truly international production footprint, reaching more than EUR 200m revenues p.a.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Automotive supplier
  • Seller: Mürdter family
  • Products: Injection moulded plastic parts
  • Head office: Mutlangen, Germany
  • Employees: approx. 585
  • Sales: EUR 75m

Papresa SL

Papresa is the undisputed newsprint leader in Iberia and Western France. The Company has a proud history in paper making with over 100 years of manufacturing high quality newsprint to its demanding customers.

The mill, which has two deinking plants and three paper machines with an annual newsprint production capacity of 375,000 tons, is strategically located in Errenteria (Basque Country, Spain), which leads to premium access to clients in the Iberian Peninsula, France and to key international ports.

The Company has a strong portfolio of blue-chip media clients in Iberia, France and overseas, generating sales in over 30 countries in 4 continents, with more than 120 customers.

Due to the significant drop in global demand for newsprint throughout the past years, initiated by increasing digitalization of information and publishing industries, Quantum envisages an industrial diversification of the company. Starting with the change in ownership, Papresa is now executing an ambitious conversion program towards fast-growing products for packaging, which are increasingly used by the e-commerce industry to reduce plastic and improve the environmental sustainability of packaging.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Paper and packaging
  • Seller: KKR
  • Products: Newsprint and packaging paper
  • Head office: Errenteria (Spain)
  • Employees: approx. 220
  • Sales: EUR 140m


Prolacto SA


In the middle of the Portuguese Azores, on the island of Sao Miguel, the ingredients factory produces innovative milk-based products for its transatlantic customer base. During the course of its 40-year old history, Prolacto has specialized primarily in the production of milk powder and butter. Most of the packaged dairy products are shipped to Europe, America and Africa.

Local dairy farmers supply Prolacto with fresh milk on a daily basis. This high-quality raw material is then processed to customer-specific dry products using state-of-the-art machinery. In this segment, the company is a market leader in the archipelago with a maximum production capacity of 20,000 tons per year.

Prolacto complies with international quality standards, from extensive analysis of the raw milk to the adjustment of fat and moisture content and the subsequent packaging of products. Numerous certifications prove that the production process is particularly safe as well as customer- and environmentally friendly. To sustainably improve milk quality, Prolacto supports local farmers in modernizing their farms.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Ingredients producer
  • Seller: Nestlé S.A.
  • Products: Milk powder, butter
  • Head office: Lagoa (Azores, Portugal)
  • Employees: approx. 70
  • Sales: EUR 24m (2017)

Rekular GmbH

With a market share of approx. 30% and around one million processed cools in fiscal year 2020/21, Rekular is the leading full-service provider for cools recycling in Germany. Services offered to blue-chip customers such as Miele, Bosch, Siemens and Liebherr include the collection, depollution and shredding of cools and other heat exchange equipment as well as the subsequent separation of marketable ferrous and non-ferrous fractions. The Company operates across its headquarters in Lauingen (Bavaria) and two additional sites in Baumholder (Rhineland-Palatinate) and Wangerland (Lower-Saxony) with a total workforce of 136 employees.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Recycling
  • Seller: Stena Metall
  • Services: Recycling of cools and electronic devices
  • Head office: Lauingen, Germany
  • Employees: 136
  • Sales: EUR 38m

Revell GmbH

For more than 60 years, Revell has been the market leader in Germany and Europe for developing and distributing true to the original model kits. The company is a synonym for plastic model making but has also, in recent years, established itself in the market as one of the leading providers of remote-controlled toys. The products of Revell are distributed by international retail chains online as well as stationary in more than 75 countries.

The company maintains close and long-standing relationships with global automotive and entertainment companies, particularly in the toy and hobby sector. These include, amongst others, Mercedes, Disney and Universal/Warner Bros. The combination of an established licence portfolio, extensive distribution opportunities and a diverse customer base creates a sustainable competitive advantage for Revell.

Several SGS and BSCI certificates document quality and ethical responsibility in the company’s value chain. This enables Revell to inspire customers worldwide with its prize-winning toys.

Key facts:

  • Sector: Model building kits, toys
  • Seller: Hobbico Inc.
  • Products: Plastic model kits, remote-controlled toys
  • Head office: Bünde (Germany)
  • Employees: 135
  • Sales: EUR 45m (2017)


Xandor Automotive GmbH

Xandor Automotive GmbH, the former Automotive Fluid Conveyance Division from Eaton Corporation, manufactures conveyance lines for air conditioning, active ride, hydraulic power assisted steering, oil cooling and plastic components for the automotive industry. Main customers include major automotive OEMs and automotive Tier-1 suppliers. Xandor Automotive employs approximately 1,250 people and has four manufacturing facilities in Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and China.

Key Facts:

  • Sector: Automotive supplier
  • Seller: Eaton Corporation
  • Products: Fluid connectors and plastic parts
  • Head office: Baden-Baden (Germany)
  • Employees: approx. 1,250
  • Sales: EUR 120m
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  • Aviatube SAS

  • Carrera Toys GmbH

  • Fjord Paper Flensburg

  • Gianetti FAD Wheels Srl

  • Indraero Siren SAS

  • Leichtmetall Aluminium GmbH

  • Mürdter Group

  • Papresa SL

  • Prolacto SA

  • Rekular GmbH

  • Revell GmbH

  • Xandor Automotive GmbH