We focus: on European investments with long-term horizons.

Recognising opportunities across sectors

Our investment strategy combines a long-term investment horizon with sustainable measures. The focus is on medium-sized businesses based in western Europe, with typical investments being corporate carve-outs, spin-offs and the development of buy-and-build strategies.

Recognising and developing potential

We acquire businesses with significant potential for improvement, growth and development. Our investments are not limited to a specific industry. We work with the management to develop strategies for a sustainable and effective turnaround.

Investment criteria:

  • Annual sales of between EUR 20m and 500m
  • Negative EBITDA margin of up to +10%
  • Majority stake, ideally 100%
  • Internationalisation and growth opportunities for the portfolio businesses
  • Complex carve-outs
  • Highly flexible transaction structuring according to seller’s preferences
  • Up to EUR 15m equity per investment

We do not invest in:

  • Start-ups
  • Venture or seed investments
  • Minority stakes

Recognising opportunities across sectors