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More questions about Quantum Capital Partners?

  • What philosophy underlies QCP investments?

    We see it as our responsibility to ensure that the businesses we acquire make maximum use of their development and operational potential. QCP does not consider an exit until this has been achieved.

  • Which sectors are at the focus of QCP investments?

    QCP does not focus on a specific industry. Instead, QCP concentrates on the acquisition of and partnership with businesses that can benefit from our operational experience. These can be complex group spin-offs or enterprises with significant development and value potential with sales of EUR 20 – 500m.

  • Could you describe the partnership between QCP and existing shareholders and managers?

    We invest in businesses as an active partner of management, so that the management can draw on the operational experience of our team. QCP’s primary objectives include continuity and increasing the value of the business acquired on a stand-alone basis. Strategic and operating initiatives are at the centre of our value creation approach.

  • What benefits does QCP offer in the investment process?

    QCP is able to reach rapid investment decisions after a brief but thorough evaluation. This ensures that the transaction is processed quickly and professionally for the seller. We can therefore offer an attractive future for the business acquired and give the seller maximum certainty and reliability.

More questions about Quantum Capital Partners?