We ensure: transparency

Resource scarcity, social injustice, bribery and corruption – topical issues which do not only appear frequently in the media but were highly discussed during the World Economic Forum in January 2020 under the headline “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World”.

Through our actions, we aim to implement the three dimensions of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) not only on the Quantum Group level, but also as through securing that all our portfolio companies take active ownership of such value creation principles. To ensure transparency and capture our vision and goals, we have developed an ESG Policy.

Our goal is to lead by example and encourage other companies to follow. We address the different interests of our stakeholders, take ESG factors into account when it comes to risk management and create sustainable value at every portfolio company by integrating essential parts of ESG. Furthermore, we strive to create a vibrant corporate culture which supports and guarantees a constructive and positive working environment.

Ultimately, our Group ESG policy shall serve as a fundamental guideline - giving us a clear direction and common ESG values, thus being a key pillar of our success.

The latest version of our ESG Policy can be downloaded here.


In case of any questions concerning our ESG efforts, do not hesitate to conact our ESG Manager Florian Kollmeier under esg@quantum.capital