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Aviatube SAS

As one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminium tubing in Europe, Aviatube supplies the aerospace industry as well as the sports and leisure industry. The French company's broad customer base reaches from international blue chips such as Airbus or KTM to the manufacturers of individual components such as SECAN.

In order to do justice to the wide variety of areas of applications of aluminium tubes, such as aircraft seats, heat exchangers or motorcycle handlebars, Aviatube offers a diversified portfolio of tailor-made product solutions. Major application area is the aeronautics industry, which is characterized by a high demand for tubing made from high strength aluminium alloys. From processing round light metal ingots into precise aluminium tubes through to delivery, the company’s highly skilled engineers and technicians take into account the customer’s specifications in every stage of production.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Aluminium
  • Seller: Constellium Group
  • Products: Aluminium tubing
  • Head office: Carquefou (France)
  • Employees: ca. 116
  • Sales: EUR 13m (2014)

Barcelona Cartonboard S.A.U.

The Catalan paper factory on the Iberian Peninsula is the market leader in the production of recycling cartonboard. With a production capacity of 170,000 tonnes a year, Barcelona Cartonboard is a supplier to the regional and international packaging industry. It processes the cartonboard and supplies manufacturers of food and cleaning products, household products and pharmaceuticals.

The production of cartonboard starts with the recycling of Barcelona’s waste paper. In the factory’s own plant the company prepares the waste so that the materials and substances can be reused. Solid recycling cardboard is then produced out of the paper fibres recovered, which is ideal for use in various industries.

Barcelona Cartonboard allows for the cardboard’s later use to be integrated into production. Depending on the branch of industry, the paper factory offers various product ranges: cardboard with white coated back for medication or cardboard with grey back for cake and biscuit boxes. Thanks to this flexibility, Barcelona Cartonboard offers solutions optimised for different industries.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Carton board manufacturer
  • Seller: Stora Enso Oyi
  • Products: White line chipboard paper mainly for the
    food industry
  • Head office: Barcelona (Spain)
  • Employees: Approx. 212 employees
  • Sales: EUR 116m


Leesys - Leipzig Electronic Systems GmbH

Leesys is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) system supplier, developing and manufacturing electronic modules, components and plastic products. The former subsidiary of Siemens AG has nearly a century of experience in manufacturing of communication devices and components, and can therefore offer customers innovative technology, comprehensive expertise and excellent support.

Leesys is a reliable and expert partner for the entire value creation process:

  • Manufacturing, inspecting and testing electronic modules
  • Producing plastic housing
  • Systems installation and global outgoing logistics
  • After-sales service

The portfolio focus is increasingly on the development of intelligent communications systems, the demand in this area continues to rise – in particular in the automotive industry, in medical technology and in the industrial automation and communications sectors. Technologies such as cloud communication in cars and intelligent everyday appliances that customers can operate from their smartphones still offer huge opportunities for pioneering innovations. Leesys is therefore staying true to its tradition: a tradition of progress and belief in the future.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Seller: Unify GmbH & Co. KG
  • Products: Systems supplier of electronic manufacturing services (EMS)
  • Head office: Leipzig (Germany)
  • Employees: 430
  • Sales: EUR 180m (2014)


Leichtmetall Aluminium GmbH

The core business of the Hanover-based foundry is hard aluminium alloys for the aerospace industry. A number of ISO certificates are testimony to the quality of and environmental standards met by Leichtmetall products. Rigid internal testing procedures ensure the consistently high quality of the aluminium bars, and Leichtmetall also recycles manufacturing waste and factory scrap – a low-energy use of raw materials. An intelligent production process, 90 years' experience and an expert team are behind Leichtmetall's current success.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Aluminium
  • Seller: Norsk Hydro ASA
  • Products: Hard aluminium alloy extrusion billets
  • Head office: Hanover
  • Employees: ca. 30
  • Sales: EUR 32m (2014)


Quonex Groupe SAS

As an experienced systems integrator, the french corporate group develops holistic solutions for voice and data communications, clouds, security and surveillance systems, radio communications as well as cabling systems. In these areas, Quonex sells high quality software and hardware products, adapts them to the technical requirements of its customers and embeds them in their infrastructure. For such purposes, the company offers a wide variety of services that range from the architecture and consulting through to the installation, user training and systems maintenance.

With two head offices (Paris and Strasbourg) and several offices in Alsace and Lorraine, the corporate group mainly operates in north eastern France and the Île-de-France region in Paris. Thanks to its regional focus, the exclusive use of high quality hardware and software products and its appreciable expertise, Quonex is consistently able to respond to the differing requirements of its sector-spanning customer base. In this context, the company has developed network solutions for the Stade Jean-Bouin rugby stadium in Paris and implemented a radio system for the OFON offshore oil platform.

The quality of the hardware and software used plays a decisive role in the realisation of projects. For this reason, Quonex collaborates closely with international partners such as Alcatel-Lucent, Mitel, Unify and Motorola. This enables the company to use the latest technology at all times and to thus find innovative communications solutions.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Telecoms, data and radio communications
  • Seller: Eiffage Energie
  • Products: Telephone data infrastructure and services
  • Head Office: Paris (France)
  • Employees: 210
  • Sales: EUR 28.3 million (2015)


The Société d'Etudes et de Constructions Aéronavales [Association of aeronaval studies and constructions] - SECAN for short- was founded in 1941. Since then, it has increasingly specialised in the development and production of heat exchangers, and cooling steam systems for the aviation, aerospace and automotive industry. Apart from production and delivery, the traditional company supervises its customers in the integration of components in air conditioning, cooling or filter systems for various vehicle models.

While SECAN took the first steps towards air travel in 1946 with the little propeller machine Courlis, today, the company supplies international Blue Chips and uses its knowledge to participate in aerospace missions. So, heat exchangers and air filter units in the Columbus laboratory of the international space station ISS serve to regulate the temperature, control air humidity and filter bacteria and dust out of the air.

From development to repair: SECAN offers the clientele an extensive range of services, which requires highly qualified employees with extensive expertise in the usage of of modern production resources. No matter whether a special procedure with tailor made individual parts, or standard products: SECAN flexibly implements customer requirements, in its own 18,000 sqm factory to the North of Paris.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Aerospace and automotive Supplier
  • Seller: Honeywell
  • Products: Heat exchangers and vapor cycle cooling systems
  • Head office: Gennevilliers (France)
  • Employees: Approx. 212 employees
  • Sales: EUR 36m (2014)  

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The French company SICA2M was originally part of the Dürr Group, for which it still manufactures and supplies industrial washing systems. SICA2M also supplies manufacturing lines for the automotive industry and integrates them into existing manufacturing processes. SICA2M ensures delivery and production on-schedule with an expert team of engineers and state-of-the-art production facilities.

The broad SICA2M client base includes international car manufacturers, most of which are large corporations. The global technology leader provides individual, customised turnkey solutions. Services include the delivery, installation and integration of conveyor systems, frames and robots.

Under a permanent contract, the company manufactures fully automatic machines with and without conveyor belts, machine enclosures and individual conveyor systems.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Automotive supply
  • Seller: Dürr Group
  • Products: Manufacturing lines & industrial washing systems
  • Head office: Loué (France)
  • Employees: ca. 180
  • Sales: EUR 23m (2014)



Over the course of 40 years of corporate history, the Italian company has specialized in the production of aluminium rolled products. Today, SLIM manufactures a wide range of aluminium sheets, tapes and foils for the packaging, automotive, transport and construction industries. As such, the products serve as the foundation for liquid foil, converter foil, household items, automotive part, printing plates and building facades.

In order to offer a consistent, high product quality to its widespread and large range of customers, SLIM focuses on efficient and stable work processes. Thanks to state-of-the-art production equipment and machinery, the aluminium manufacturer is able to use a wide range of painting, lamination and coating techniques. The company is serving the entire European market, with production capacities of 92,000 tons per year.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Aluminium
  • Seller: Norsk Hydro ASA
  • Products: Aluminium rolled products
  • Head office: Cisterna in Latina (Italy)
  • Employees: 430
  • Sales: €190 Mio. (2015)


SLIM Fusina Rolling Srl

At their facility in Fusina, Venice, the Italian company produces a wide range of rolling mill products made of aluminium. SLIM Fusina Rolling manufactures tailor-made coils, metal sheets, (kick) plates and shates for a large number of international customers from industry, transportation services, the automobile industry, the marine engineering industry, as well as from the energy sector. In this context, the rolling mill products are used in trailers, automotive body parts, hulls, and wind mills.

The specialised staff develops high-quality, innovative and tailor-made product solutions using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. Thanks to the use of strong alloys, these products are very stable and resistant to corrosion, and they also allow easy processing. It is precisely these product characteristics that are relevant when it comes to end-use applications which are exposed to enormous strains. Owing to its specifically designed range of products awarded with multiple prizes, SLIM Fusina is one of the leading global suppliers for the ship-building industry. In addition, the Italian company succeeded in getting established as Europe-wide supplier for wind mill builders.

Thanks to a hot-rolling mill and a cold-rolling mill, a hot treatment line as well as a production hall used for final assembly and foundry purposes, SLIM Fusina has acquired one of the most multifunctional rolling mills across Europe. As a result of merging their production capacities, their product range as well as their technical and operative know-how, SLIM is the fifth largest aluminium rolling mill in Europe and one of the leading producers of rolling mill products made of aluminium around the globe, earning a consolidated sales volume of more than 340 million EUR.

Information about the add-on:

  • Buyer: Slim Aluminium S.p.A.
  • Seller: Arconic Inc.
  • Products: Rolling mill products made of aluminium
  • Registered office: Venice (Italy)
  • Employees: 291
  • Sales: EUR 155 million (2016)


SoProNem SAS

Across Europe, the French company is one of the largest manufacturers of detergents and cleaning agents. SoProNem manufactures liquid detergents, washing-up liquids, textile finishers and cleaning agents for the European single market - mainly in France, Germany and Belgium. As a former subsidiary of the Henkel Group, the company still produces high quality branded products today, such as X-tra, Pril and Le Chat.    

Throughout its near 100-year work history, the factory was continually modernised and expanded. With its current capacity of 168 thousand tonnes a year, SoProNem offers its customers a wide range of services. This not only includes the mixing and bottling of the detergents and cleaning agents, but also the blowing of PET bottles and the labelling and palletising of the final products in its factory warehouse. Moreover, its scale-efficient production is subject to stringent quality standards. Several certifications thus verify its customer-orientated, environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Detergent manufacturer
  • Seller: Henkel
  • Products: Liquid detergents and Cleaning agents
  • Head office: Nemours (France)
  • Employees: 125
  • Sales: EUR 35m (2016)

TeleAlarm SA

TeleAlarm is a medium-sized company based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, that develops and sells home medical alarm and nurse call systems. These systems enable the elderly and people with limited mobility to lead independent lives in their familiar environments.

TeleAlarm develops customised products for private households and home care. Emergency call systems with portable radio transmitters give the user safety and security in their own home. To offer the same level of protection outside, the Swiss company also supplies smartphones with integrated alarm functions, GPS location and longer standby and call time capacity.

Assisted living and retirement and care homes also use intelligent alarm systems. Radio nurse call systems:

  • Relieve the daily workload of care staff
  • Are easy to install and combine with other alarm systems
  • Improve efficiency in the care of dementia sufferers

Marketing for the company’s products and systems is focused on western Europe. The core markets are the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Benelux, Germany and Austria.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Telecommunication – emergency call systems
  • Seller: Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Products: Provider & developer of home medical alarm and nurse call systems
  • Head office: La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland)
  • Employees: 40
  • Sales: EUR 13m (2014)


Vauste Spain SL

Vauste Spain SL based in Gijón, northern Spain, produces shock absorber systems for the automotive supply industry. The end products include both accessories and spares.

A number of different certificates testify to the company's compliance with international safety standards (BBS and EMSEC) at its production site. Lean management tools and agile management methods ensure the efficient management of the entire value chain. Clearly defined production processes and the use of standardised manufacturing procedures are an integral part of the company's shock absorber production. To meet its own strict quality standards, Vauste Spain SL runs several research and quality laboratories as well as operating versatile production equipment.

Vauste Spain SL is a spin-off of the American group Tenneco Inc., a global market leader on the original equipment and spares market for the automotive industry.

Key aspects of the global specialist's corporate strategy include the use of cutting-edge technology, extensive manufacturing experience and strong, sustainable customer service.

Information on the investment:

  • Sector: Automotive after-sales
  • Seller: Tenneco Inc.       
  • Products: Production of shock absorbers and bumpers
  • Head office: Gijón (Spain)
  • Employees: 124
  • Sales: EUR 13m (2016)

Waggonbau Niesky GmbH

The established east German company has more than 100 years experience in freight car manufacture. Expertise and innovation, quality and autonomy are the core values underlying WBN's success. The company is now one of the leading railway car manufacturers in Europe.

Its highly qualified staff develop and produce specialist freight cars for the logistics sector and railway coach bodies for passenger transport, and WBN also produces innovative components such as quiet, low-maintenance bogies. A vehicle's specific area of use and customer requirements are at the centre of the entire manufacturing process.

Information about the portfolio company:

  • Sector: Railway car manufacture
  • Seller: Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Products: Specialist cars, bogies and vehicle components
  • Head office: Niesky (Germany)
  • Employees: 300
  • Sales: EUR 49m (2014)


  • Aviatube SAS

  • Barcelona Cartonboard S.A.U.

  • Leesys - Leipzig Electronic Systems GmbH

  • Leichtmetall Aluminium GmbH

  • Quonex Groupe SAS



  • SLIM S.p.A.

  • SLIM Fusina Rolling Srl

  • SoProNem SAS

  • TeleAlarm SA

  • Vauste Spain SL

  • Waggonbau Niesky GmbH